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Congratulations on finally completing your construction/renovation project; no more delays, no more waiting; all that is left is; to get rid of the heavy dust. Contractors generate so much dust you might think they enjoy it. At Just Clean It, we love to clean; it's just what we do. We specialize in Post-renovation cleaning services; let us give your home a deep, detailed clean, so if your renovations are completed, you've come to the right place. If you have thick layers of construction dust and dirt lingering, you're still living in the middle of a construction site.

Our post-renovation cleaning services eliminate dust, paint, wood chips, grime, debris, etc. We put the finishing touches on your renovation, so you can move into the house you've been so excited to decorate and start living your life. Just Clean It will take care of the vacuuming, removing the heavy dust from walls, ledges trim, mopping etc. We clean, sanitize and disinfect all areas. Our services are available for newly built or recently renovated homes throughout the GTA.

If you're a construction company or property owner who has completed construction on a new site, you are ready to prepare the property for its official opening. Count on Just Clean It Quality Home Solutions to deliver your occupants' space in showroom condition on time. We leave no stone unturned when taking care of a newly constructed or remodelling project, house, condo or commercial space. We thoroughly clean the project inside and out using only the best cleaning products and equipment available; we ensure that your client(s) or its new occupants will enjoy a fresh, clean space at a reasonable price. We do the messy work so you can return to your business or move into your new home and feel comfortable. A 24Hour, No-Hassle Re-clean Guarantee comes with this service. Purchase the hours you need with as many cleaners as you wish. Book your clean in 60 seconds 24/7, and find out why our customers say We Clean Better! Book In 60 Seconds Now!



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Our Cleaners Are Industry Professionals!

Your team is industry professionals with years of experience; Just Clean It employs professional cleaners with the highest consistent performance level. We ensure your home, and business appearance will be of the highest quality; our teams are reliable and hard working. We recognize that our clients expect our service to be of a particular grade. Just Clean It can and will consistently deliver on all your expectations; we guarantee it.

Please note a Post-renovation cleaning is not a quick clean; it does take time to complete, but we guarantee the results will be excellent. Just Clean It will work around contractors and furniture if we must. Please note that this will add to the cleaning time; if the home is furnished and you've had extensive renovations. Purchase the right amount of hours; download our square footage chart to see how many cleaners you should schedule for the amount of square footage you have. Don't hesitate to contact customer service; if you'd like to speak with someone directly about your project. You can also send us pictures so that we can better help you. Book your clean in 60 seconds 24/7, give us a call; we'd love to be of service.




Covid Rehabilitation Cleaning Service

Just Clean It offers the best deep cleaning fogging and disinfecting (Covid19 cleaning services) services In the Greater Toronto Area. Our services are cost-effective, from one-time proactive cleaning schedules to ongoing programs after testing positive for the virus. Our services are very cost-effective. Our service professionals are fully trained and experienced in effectively cleaning and disinfecting, and decontaminating your home or any workspace, large or small. Book your session today or request a free no-obligation estimate.