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Are you a business owner who wants everything to run smoothly? Our Airbnb concierge service is here to help. We understand that with guests frequently checking in and out, preparing your space for the next guest can be time-consuming and laborious. But worry no more; Just Clean It is here to take care of it. We are committed to meeting your last-minute cleaning needs. Create an account, book the dates you need cleaning, and leave the rest to us. We are available seven days a week to ensure your space is always ready for your next guest.

Experience reliable cleaning services with Just Clean It, which uses intelligent standbys to predict any issues before they occur. In the rare event that a service professional can't make an appointment, we already have solutions lined up to ensure that your cleaning or maintenance service is maintained. Our intelligent and reliable standbys reduce the possibility of an issue by over 50%, making Just Clean It the most trustworthy option for your cleaning needs. Easy online management gives you complete control over booking, rescheduling, and even cancelling appointments. Our commitment to transparency means you never have to jump through hoops to get what you want - we put you in control.

Our services are tailored to your preferences. We don't impose anything on you; you can choose what you want on your terms. You can customize dozens of priorities to your liking with the assistance of Just Clean It, Concierge. Alternatively, you can opt for the most popular settings and let us take care of the rest. The choice is entirely yours. If you're interested, you can get an instant online quote, view the price, schedule an appointment, or contact us for a consultation.


How Our Vacation Rental Cleaning Works You Know It's Got To Be Fabulous!

Do you find it overwhelming to manage your cleaners while trying to focus on other aspects of your business? Look no further than Just Clean. It's a simple process. Step 1: Our auto-scheduling feature allows for easy cleaning scheduling after guest check-out. You can still modify the schedule to fit your needs. Step 2: We match you with 2-3 experienced cleaning crews who pass our strict screening process. Your unit will be cleaned during your designated check-in/out times. You can request a change in your primary cleaner at any time. Step 3: We provide a completed cleaning report, including pictures of the clean unit, a checklist of completed tasks, and notifications of low supplies. We will notify you with images via text or email if any damages are found. Let us take care of your cleaning needs so that you can focus on your business.

What You Get

We have thoroughly screened and selected the top cleaners in the GTA who specialize in Airbnb turnover and property management cleaning. We guarantee that you will never have to deal with a cleaner who doesn't show up, ensuring that your vacation rental and property are always well-maintained. Our auto-scheduling technology saves you time and effort. We can provide post-cleaning pictures and completion time stamps upon request. We can also report any damage or supply needs via text. Please be aware that we do not offer unlimited free customization for all services. Let us know the scope of work you need, and we will gladly assist you.

Just Clean It can arrange a five-star Airbnb property management cleaning service anywhere in the GTA, bringing you the leading professionals in your area. With our assistance, you can finally forget the tedious chores you must complete after each guest checks out. Instead, you can AUTOMATICALLY schedule cleanings through our platform (no more frantically texting inexperienced cleaners); rather, have our experienced cleaner clean your rentals with no delay and zero hassle – every time. We'll match you with a trustworthy, dependable team member who will give you more control over your vacation rental cleaning service by sending detailed reports on your cleaning and necessary supply restocking. See what all the fuss is about; book now.


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Clean Sanitized & Disinfected!

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