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Just Clean It has a reputation for providing quality Condo Cleaning Services, and maid services we do it all, from a total top to bottom initial (spring cleaning service) to a weekly or bi-weekly maintenance detailed cleaning. Our services are flexible and can be customized to suit your busy life-style. Relax with our no contract-cancel anytime condo cleaning and maid service policy, Just Clean It provides peace of mind for consistent cleaning.

The first cleaning usually takes longer than a maintenance cleaning; your estimate will be based on the square footage, and the frequency (schedule that you choose). We will send a single cleaner or a team of 2 cleaners or more depending on the square footage of your home however, if you only want a single cleaner we will be glad to accommodate that request; remember you are in complete control.

We do recommend you start off with our initial cleaning package (deep cleaning) to get your home to a point where it can be maintained. Call us today to discuss your needs or request a free quote Please note that we do have a minimum of 3 hours for this service. Recurring appointments do received a discount starting on the second visit. Al of our service providers have been background checked, Call Now!






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Start With Our Deep Detailed Top To Bottom Condo Cleaning Plus Get One Major Chore Done On Every Visit! No Contract Cancel Anytime!


Add Laundry To Your Regular Cleaning Schedule!

Hour No Hassle Re-Clean Guaranteed

It doesn't have to be spring to schedule a total top to bottom detailed cleaning our cleaners perform a total top to bottom detailed cleaning on every visit, using our deep detailed cleaning system exclusive to Just Clean It. We do a detailed clean on every visit No Contract Cancel Anytime!

Please note that some cleaners will arrive by transit therefore, we do ask that you provide the items below, Just Clean It will still provide all the cleaning supplies at no extra cost to you. If you are unable to provide these items we will deliver them priory to your appointment with permission.

Please Have These: 4 Essential Items On Hand For Your Cleaner:

Wringer bucket & Mop, Step ladder, Vacuum cleaner & Dust-pan & Broom

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An Extra Cleaning Task Over And Above Your Detailed Cleaning!
  • Clean Out Fridge
  • Clean Out Oven (please spray inside oven the evening before with Easy-Off)
  • Clean Under Kitchen Sink
  • Clean Under Bathroom Sink or Medicine Cabinet
  • Or Another Housecleaning Task Of Your Choosing (conditions apply)

** For the first visit we focus on a total-top-to-bottom-detailed-cleaning.  unless you provide your own (To-Do-List).

** After the initial visit, should you become a weekly or bi-weekly client, we will perform the maintenance cleaning package PLUS one major task FREE. You let us know when you would like that task to be done. Contact a Just Clean It customer service representative for more details.

Mark The Switch With Price Price Matching Program!

If you are not fully satisfied with your current service provider, switch to Just Clean It! We'll perform professional cleaning services at the same rate you're paying now. At Just Clean It we don't Just talk about what we can do, we practice it each and everyday, we're professionals.

To switch to Just Clean It and get the same rate all you'll have to do is provide proof of service i.e receipt or service agreement from your current service provider, or a written estimate.

Your service provider must be a professional cleaning services, licensed, bonded & Insured. You qualify for price match if you are looking for a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly schedule. One time appointments do not quality for price match at this time sorry. Service must have a minimum of 3/hr minimum or more.

Your cleaning is structured the way you want

You may provide specific instructions or leave your cleaning in the hands of your cleaner. Should you leave instructions your cleaner will work on your To-Do-List priority list.

We will provide all the cleaning supplies at no extra charge to you. If you'd like to provide your own supplies please let us know at the time of booking.

You'll save on your cleaning, When you go on a regular weekly or bi-weekly cleaning schedule. You can schedule one cleaning associate or a team the choice is yours you're always in control. Just Clean It, has a 24 Hour No Hassle Guarantee on all the services we provide, all of our cleaning associate have been background check.

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