Talent Wanted Must Be Awesome!

So, here's the story! We're a fast growing Post renovation cleaning and lifestyle management company that is shaking up the residential cleaning industry in Toronto and the surrounding area, actually we aspire to global domination! No Seriously! Talents are what we need most because we know that at the end of the day people are the heart of any and everything we do! We've got tons to do to get to where we want to be.


We're not interested in your certificates and education level. We are interested only in your ability to execute, your passion and interest in what we are building! And of course, at the heart of it all, you're a nice person you have integrity a strong moral base and your fun to work and hang out with.


So if you're not the type described above, don't bother reading any further. Our founders have specialized training in sieving out the fake and you probably won't last long with us anyway! Still here? So here are the rolls we need filled!


For all Roles, experience is great however training is provided for the right fit. Uniforms and equipment is provided for field crews.


Painting Crew (as needed)

This role requires you to be skilled in priming and painting the interior and exterior of properties. You will need to use the appropriate solutions and tools to help you achieve professional results for each job you undertake. Equipment will be provided.


Dirt Specialist

This role requires you to clean properties with different surface types, you are required to have an eye for the smallest of detail. You will have to use the appropriate solutions and tools to help you achieve the best possible outcome for each job you undertake. Training and equipment will be provided. Vehicle required.