Become A Just Clean It Partner

So, here's the story! We're a fast-growing cleaning and Lifestyle management company that is shaking up the residential cleaning industry in Toronto and the surrounding area, and we aspire to citywide domination! No Seriously! We need talents most because we know that people are the heart of everything we do! We've got tons to do to get to where we want to be. We're not interested in your certificates and education level. We are interested only in your ability to execute your passion and interest in becoming and helping us build Just Clean It into what we know she can be! And of course, at the heart of it all, you're a nice person; you have integrity, a solid moral base, and you're fun to work and hang out with. So if you're not the type described above, don't bother reading any further; we are very clear who we are interested in partnering with.

Position Cleaning Professional/Partners

We're looking for the following; Experience is excellent; however, training is provided for the right fit. Uniforms and equipment are provided for field crews. Please note only those that show genuine interest in what we're creating will be offered the opportunity. As a professional cleaner, this role requires you to clean properties with different surface types, dust, debris, and cleanliness levels. You must have an eye for the smallest of detail, be a quick learner, and work independently or on a team. You will have to use the appropriate solutions and tools to help you achieve the best possible outcome for each job you undertake. We provide training and equipment.


Reliable Vehicle

Able to pass a background check

Fluent in English

Own a smartphone with a data plan, internet and email (if you're the type of person that does not answer email or text promptly this is not the opportunity for you.

Time is money, and money is time, so you must have great respect for time. Because of the nature of the job, you must stay to complete the last appointment of the day. Working hours are as scheduled, and on-call opportunities are also available.

Professionals who accept Just Clean opportunities are hardworking, efficient, detail-oriented, friendly people who enjoy cleaning. If you do not like to clean, this is not your position. Benefits: Perks include working independently, flexible work hours, building your client base; you will get all the support and training from the team at Just Clean It. You will also receive excellent pay, take as many jobs as you like, and be part of a team with opportunities for advancement.

10 Things That We Need That Require Zero Talent

Being On Time

Making an effort

Being high energy

Having a positive attitude

being passionate

Using good body language

Being coach-able

Doing a little extra

Being prepared

Are You the Ideal Candidate for a Professional Partnership Opportunity At Just Clean It?

You may be better qualified for a career in cleaning than you think. While it's essential to be familiar with cleaning service techniques, it's also more critical to possess excellent character qualities like:

  • Being responsible
  • Being motivated
  • Being trustworthy
  • Being reliable
  • Being energetic
  • Acting professional
  • Being detail-oriented
  • Being able to follow instructions
  • Having empathy
  • Being responsive to management
  • Providing quality work
  • Be open to learning and being trained

We want you to take the responsibility in your work that makes you proud to wear the Just Clean It logo on your uniform. With that in mind, be prepared to:

  • Be on time
  • Complete your assigned job
  • Manage yourself and others
  • Mop floors
  • Clean toilets
  • Clean and dust
  • Vacuum
  • Whatever is expected and more!

Because the hours that our clients require vary substantially, it's necessary for those on our cleaning service teams to be flexible for various shifts. Being flexible also means performing standard cleaning services regularly and being willing to take on any additional cleaning job as requested or being ready to shift some time to help on a deep cleaning project. Please go over our site to understand who we are and our positioning in the cleaning industry; you will see that we are not a typical cleaning company.

We hope you'll see extra cleaning jobs as learning opportunities and a way of making more money. We have an entrepreneur mindset and understand the meaning of multiple income streams.

The Kinds of Residential Cleaning Jobs You Can Expect

Our hiring needs change frequently, so feel free to apply for the job of your choice, and we'll contact you when something opens up. As our business grows at Just Clean It, we'll be on the lookout for the right people that can help to support our branding and reputation. We employ professional cleaners novice cleaners who want to become professional cleaners; we also work with independent cleaners (with driver's license). Once we hire you, we ensure that you're prepared by providing the following:

  • Bonding and insurance
  • Safety protocol
  • Safety gear
  • Ongoing training
  • Providing lots of work opportunities.

Overall, we want you to succeed, so we ensure that you have all the necessary equipment, supplies, and skills to support your career. A positive attitude and a willingness to learn will take you far in accomplishing your personal and career goals.

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